Rules for Wargaming the Ancient Period
  • Figures based as chunky elements that correctly represent both ground scale and historical (as far as is known) units.  Easy to move round the table and look good.

  • An average game consists of about 120 figures a side, and takes about 2˝-3 hours of play to resolve.

  • A combat system that doesn’t involve complicated book-keeping or rolling more than two or three dice at a time.

  • A command structure where figures are grouped as regular ‘brigades’ or irregular ‘contingents’ that report to officers that report to more senior officers.

  • A command system where officers could, on a parade ground, successfully issue a limited set of orders to the figures under their command, but this ability breaks down rapidly as the 'fog of war' descends during a battle.  

  • Hidden movement possible without the need for a referee.

  • Army lists that emphasise the common soldier as opposed to being a collection of special units grouped together.

"...these rules look to be very slick. There are several neat touches that show they have been crafted by someone with a keen interest in the period and a desire to play interesting wargames." (October 2002)


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