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This section currently contains directions to articles on or about Vis Bellica that have appeared elsewhere.  Links indicate that the article is reproduced on this site, and will take you to the appropriate page.

Title Type Location

Issue Dated

Pike Meets Pachyderm! Scenario Miniature Wargames Spring 2005
"Not A Tournament" Event Report Slingshot March 2005
Baby Bellica Battle Report Slingshot January 2005
Gaugamela Report on the SoA Battle Day April 2004
If You Go Down to the Woods Today Scenario The Courier March 2004 (#90)
A State of Mind:  A Comparison of DBM and Vis Bellica Background Slingshot February 2004
Vis Bellica at the Dog's Head Battle Report Slingshot November 2003
Band of Brothers Scenario October 2003
Another Fine Mess! Scenario Wargames Illustrated October 2003
Making A Difference Background Saga Magazine 92 September 2003
Mass Production:  Painting a 15mm Army Background September 2003
A Bloody Nose for the Red Cloaks! Scenario Slingshot September 2003
The Roman Custer Scenario Wargames Illustrated July 2003
The Real Unleash Hell Scenario June 2003
Dust to Dust Battle Report Miniature Wargames June 2003
Vis Bellica Review Battle Report April 2003
Flaminius at the Dog's Head Scenario Wargames Illustrated April 2003
Ancient Wargaming Tactics Background February 2003
How to Write a Set of Wargaming Rules Background Wargames Illustrated February 2003

HooHar at QarQar

Scenario December 2002



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